Rivers to Ridges Vision has been updated!

After 20 years of growth, collaboration and implementation, the partnership came together over the last few years to revisit and refresh our guiding principles, priorities, and vision for the future of parks and open space in the southern Willamette Valley. Learn more on the documents below!

About Us

The Rivers to Ridges (R2R) Partnership is a voluntary association of 19 organizations working collaboratively to advance the protection, restoration, and effective management of park and open space resources in the southern Willamette Valley. The name Rivers to Ridges (R2R) comes from a regional parks and open space vision endorsed by many organizations and unanimously by local elected officials from the Eugene-Springfield area in 2003.

Through the combined efforts of our partners, a significant amount of what was envisioned in the 2003 Rivers to Ridges vision has been implemented, and a “Vision Refresh” process is underway to look toward what might be possible in our community moving forward over the next 20 years.

Vision and Plan documents